CSE 2021 Spring Departmental Demo Day

Friday, May 7, 2021

We're thrilled to invite you to the seventh bi-annual Comp. Sci. & Eng. Fall Demo Day.  Student groups from several CSE capstone classes will be presenting the culmination of 3-months of effort, hard work, (metaphorical) blood, sweat (well... caffeine really), and tears (see above). 


M&T Bank Moog



Friday, May 7, 2021 → Gather.town

2:00 PM Event opens, people can circulate around the virtual space and check it out
2:15 PM Opening remarks
2:20 PM Judging starts
4:00 PM Judges will get together to review results and pick winners
4:30 PM Winners announced and videos played for the winning teams
5:00 PM Event closes


Each participant and sponsor has been assigned to a "booth" in Gather. Posters provided by teams will be already displayed next to the session


During the demo, judges will circulate to the participants demo stations, and they will be rating each project on a specific set of criteria. Judges, expect to spend approximately five minutes with each team, in order to give you time to see them all. You will be assigned a set of projects to view specifically, but you can feel free to talk to more teams as time permits! Teams, keep this in mind and keep your presentations crisp and to the point!


At 4:00, judges will gather together in the designated Judges room to the west (screen left) to determine winners. Winners will be announced at the podium to the east (screen right) at around 4:30, and we will play videos for the winning teams.


CSE 611: Masters Capstone Project

1. Applenti Project [ link ]
Sarath Chandra Bandi [ linkedin | email ]
Suma Priya Kunku [ linkedin | email ]
Neha Nandan Kenkare [ linkedin | email ]
Pardhu Vavila [ github | linkedin | email ]
The Report Designer framework can be plugged into any website with minimal effort and enables dynamic update/add/deletion report configurations. The reporting framework part of the product allows the user to edit the view of the report to be generated. It enables the user to add, edit, delete the headers and configurations of the content to be present in the report.
The Analysis grid will give the customer capability to aggregate and view the data generated from various services to make better business decisions. The product allows the user to access various types of insights in terms of reports and easily visualize data to do better analysis and gain better understanding.
2. Choreographic Lineage [ link ]
Hanzhang Bai [ email ]
Sai Cao [ email ]
Tianyu Cao [ email ]
Zeping Wang [ email ]
Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you will spend time browsing through artists and their lineal connections on the network. We also hope that you will contribute your own lineage to this expanding global resource.
3. Plugsity [ link ]
Namrata Bakre [ github | linkedin | email ]
Daniel Connolly [ github | linkedin | email ]
Kiran Nevrekar [ github | email ]
Nick Kobis [ github | email ]
Yash Patange [ github ]
Plugsity is a centralized marketplace platform which is built with the goal of providing visibility to small businesses. Businesses can register themselves on Plugsity and sell their products. Customers can discover, compare and shop products from various brands. Key features of this project are ecommerce marketplace, ability to search and filter the products, upload reviews and view reviews of the products, ability for businesses to register themselves on Plugsity and sell their products and hassle free checkout using Stripe.
4. PropTech [ link ]
Xianxin Lin [ email ]
Min Dong [ email ]
Zhenduo Lin [ email ]
Raymond Zheng [ email ]
Xinyu Chen [ email ]
a website designed for property manager to manage buildings, tenants, utility bills, and to generate invoices
5. Startwell [ link ]
Bharathi kothandan [ github | linkedin | email ]
Akshata Chukaiwar [ github | email ]
Kunal Kamlesh Mehta [ github | email ]
Uday Bhanu Kasukurthy [ github | email ]
StartWell is a web application that matches users with appropriate mental health therapists. It is a platform that assesses users with a set of questions and guides them to improve their mental Health.
6. Team Layer Slayers [ link ]
Arghya Dutta [ email ]
Prameet Chakraborty [ email ]
Aishwarya Chaudhary [ email ]
Poonam Baghel [ email ]
A web based EdTech platform for learning 3D Printing.
7. Vu Speech
Vinita Chappar [ github | linkedin | email ]
Arnob Paul [ github | linkedin | email ]
Jared Lockhart [ linkedin | email ]
Balagopal M [ linkedin | email ]
Instituted and deployed Secure Cloud platform domain on AWS for VU LLC’s speech-to-text service for hard of hearing users. This domain is based upon WebSocket API service in Python Django for user authentication and real time speech transcription. The final App is an android app in which user can securely login, and get real time speech-to-text transcription.

CSE 370: Applied Human Computer Interaction and Interface Design

8. Bookworm [ link ]
Kateryna Semenova [ linkedin | email ]
Lexian Zhang [ linkedin | email ]
Sauptik Saha [ linkedin | email ]
John Dunaske [ linkedin | email ]
Robert Wilkowski Jr [ linkedin | email ]
Inspired by the little libraries surrounding UB, our team developed Bookworm. Bookworm is a social media web application created to connect those with a love of books. We wanted to create a way for people who share this love to interact, befriend, and connect with others in their communities to bring back the social aspect of reading. Users can use the features in our application to search for libraries, create personalized reading lists, set up trades, customize posts with our unique ISBN embedding structure, and build connections with other users through our friending system. We hope that our application will help build a community of readers one book at a time.

CSE 442: Software Engineering

9. Dr. Hertz Fan Club [ link ]
Bryce Zhong [ email ]
Harsh Joshi [ email ]
Angela He [ email ]
A marketplace for the UB community
10. Spotifind [ link ]
Jeremy Kazimer [ github | email ]
Frank Baiata [ email ]
Faizaan Arshad [ github | email ]
Spotifind is a Spotify-adjacent service that uses algorithms to produce recommendations based on artists that you enjoy. Our purpose is ultimately to connect people to new music effortlessly and seamlessly, with only a few keystrokes.

CSE 603: Parallel and Distributed Processing

11. Home SCoOLed
Demetrios V Papazaharias [ github | linkedin | email ]
Scalable Branch and Price Implementation for Capacitated Vehicle Routing with SCoOL
12. Shared Memory Induced 6-Cycle Counting in Bipartite Graphs [ link ]
Jason Niu [ github | email ]
We propose a novel parallel algorithm for efficiently counting induced 6-cycles in bipartite graphs.
13. Team Hashbrowns
Muhanned Ibrahim [ github | linkedin | email ]
Nicolas Barrios [ github | linkedin | email ]
Accelerating Game of Life via Bitwise Operations on NVIDIA GPGPUs
14. Terra
Pardhu Vavila [ github | linkedin | email ]
Parallel CVRP Solver in Apache Spark

CSE 4/546: Reinforcement Learning

15. Reinforcement Learning in AWS-DeepRacer
Serena Liang [ github | linkedin | email ]
Ashwin Phadke [ email ]
shreyas kavathekar [ email ]
Reinforcement Learning in simulated autonomous driving AWS-DeepRacer evironment
16. Tennis War
Anthony Bhasin [ github | linkedin | email ]
Keith Carolus [ github | linkedin | email ]
Using DQN ML algorithms to compare MultiAgent competitive vs. cooperative applications on a Pong-like environment (Tennis).

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