CSE 2019 Fall Departmental Demo Day

Friday December 6, 2019

We're thrilled to invite you to the fifth bi-annual Comp. Sci. & Eng. Fall Demo Day.  Student groups from several CSE capstone classes will be presenting the culmination of 3-months of effort, hard work, (metaphorical) blood, sweat (well... caffeine really), and tears (see above). 


M&T Bank Stark and Wayne ACV Auctions


Friday December 6, 2019 → Davis Hall; 1st Floor Atrium

12:30 PM Staff Arrives [Setup Tables, etc…]
1:00 PM Participants Arrive [Setup starts for participants and sponsors]
2:00 PM Networking for participants and Judges
2:30 PM Demo Day opens to public
4:30 PM Breakdown and Judging Tabulated, shift into 101
5:00 PM Prizes awarded, Teams give their pitch to audience
6:00 PM Demo Day Ends


Tables will be available for both sponsors (each sponsor will get a table) and demo participants (2 to a table). Easels will be available for participants. If you need power, please let us know! If you have any other special requests, please contact ahunt@buffalo.edu to let me know, and we will do our best to accomodate you. There is an hour reserved for setup - you can come at any time during that period to get organized, but please make sure you leave yourself enough time to be ready to go by 2PM, to give you the chance to network.


Before we open the atrium to students and the public, we’ll have some time reserved for the participants to come and chat with the sponsors and the judges. Pizza will be there as well (A big thank you to our sponsors!), so that the participants and sponsors can have a chance to eat before demos begin!


During the demo, judges will circulate to the participants demo stations, and they will be rating each project on a specific set of criteria. Judges, expect to spend approximately five minutes with each team, in order to give you time to see them all. You will be assigned a set of projects to view specifically, but you can feel free to talk to more teams as time permits! Teams, keep this in mind and keep your presentations crisp and to the point!

Breakdown and Tabulation

At 4:30, we’ll pack up and head into Davis 101 for the awards, which will start at approximately 5:15. The winners will be notified by 5 so that they can prepare a short presentation.


There will be prizes for the top three teams selected by the judges (generously provided by our sponsor M&T bank). This semester there is also a “best research” prize (generously provided by our sponsor ACV Auctions). Each team will have a few minutes to present their projects (or a video, for 611) to the whole group. Good luck to everyone, and I can’t wait to see you all there!


A Programming Competition (e.g., ACM)

1. HeartBit
Edgar Ustian [ email ]
Ben Badaszewski
Jun Won Sung
FitBit app that will detect a dangerously low heart rate and will alert the closest hospital of the situation by including the wearers GPS location, age, weight, blood type and other non identifying information

Software Engineering (CSE 442)

2. ThisAppSlaps Co.
Garrett Silver [ github | linkedin | email ]
Anthony Introne [ github | linkedin | email ]
Hannah Wlasowicz [ github | email ]
Manmeet Singh [ github | email ]
Michael Klein [ github | linkedin | email ]
This Android application utilizes augmented reality to plan out home gardens. Place 3D objects anywhere you'd like, then take a snapshot. This app makes planning your garden a cinch. Browse ideas from our Explore page or get shopping links to your favorite plant or flower. Make this app your one stop shop for all your garden planning needs.
3. MooDuse/Team Rydat
Alan Pinkhasik
Rob Howe
A web app that creates a personalized spotify playlist based on inferring your mood from input text.
4. Juke Jam
Sarah Schwartz [ github | linkedin | email ]
Ryan Szczecinski [ github | email ]
Aiden Cox [ linkedin | email ]
Alexander Shapiro [ linkedin | email ]
Kevin Topper [ linkedin | email ]
Juke Jam is a collaborative queueing app for spotify on android
5. CropShop/Ol`Macdonald
Kevin Yong [ email ]
Jonathan Hercules [ email ]
Timothy Hada Harianja [ email ]
Chungmoo Lee [ email ]
It is a platform that connects farmers and consumers who are willing to buy and sell veggies and fruits for reasonable prices.

Intro to Reinforcement Learning (CSE 510)

6. custer
shashank bjat [ email ]
anirudh sridhar
Policy Gradient Updation using Proximal Policy Optimization

Introduction to Reinforcement Learning (CSE 510)

7. Vishva and Leena
Vishva Nitin Patel [ email ]
Leena Manohar Patil [ email ]
Continuous control with deep reinforcement learning

Special Topics: Reinforcement Learning (CSE 510)

8. Asynchronous DDQN ensemble through shared experience learning
Luckyson Khaidem [ github | linkedin | email ]
Ankit Anand [ linkedin | email ]
A novel reinforcement learning framework that leverages multiple asynchronous DDQN instances that share experiences to explore state-action space in few number of episodes.

Data Mining and Bioinformatics (CSE 601)

9. Dauntless
Sravan Kumar Cheekatimalla [ email ]
Varalakshmi Swetha Palli [ email ]
Classification and Clustering

Masters Capstone Project (CSE 611)

10. UB Spectrum [ video ]
Pratik Agarwal [ github | linkedin | email ]
Pradeep Kumar [ github | linkedin | email ]
Aman Bhayana [ github | linkedin | email ]
Sourav Bihani [ github | linkedin | email ]
The all new and much awaited mobile application for the Award winning Student newspaper of the University at Buffalo is here. Stay updated with the all news and events from the University at Buffalo. The Spectrum provides you story updates on the go right in your hands. The time for your conventional newspaper is over and all the good stuff from the newspaper is available at the touch of your mobile.
11. Match Board [ video ]
Uday Bhaskar Reddy Bijjula [ email ]
Aarti Tanya Harindran [ email ]
Dhanashree Solanke [ email ]
Akshay Chaudhari [ email ]
Match board is a platform where people can share their ideas, and others interested in those ideas and/or the necessary skills to build the tool, can connect to take it further. It will bring people with diverse talents together through a web portal.
12. Title AI [ video ]
Sidharth Pati [ linkedin | email ]
Rohan Gupta [ linkedin | email ]
Riya Bhatia [ linkedin | email ]
Stuti Shukla [ linkedin | email ]
An iOS app for ACV Auctions to extract the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from a title.
13. NFTA Customer Service Application [ video ]
Pradipta Dhar [ linkedin | email ]
Saurabh Gotherwal [ linkedin | email ]
Shubham Khurana [ linkedin | email ]
Shivam Shukla [ linkedin | email ]
The NFTA customer service application is a mobile application which supports both iOS and Android devices. The application will be compatible with approximately more than 80%[1] of the Android and iOS devices currently in the market. As part of the administrative side of the application, there will be a web based portal for the administrative team to access the backend data that is being collected and processed by the application in the form of an excel spreadsheet. The application will provide users the ability to attach a photo, location information and additional details that may be useful to the NFTA officials to take the necessary corrective measures.
14. Choreographic Lineage [ link | video ]
Sarang Agarwal [ email ]
Omkar Thorat [ email ]
Vaidehi Dharkar [ email ]
Abhishek Bhave [ email ]
To Enable Artists All around the world capture their lineage, art forms and hopefully create a huge network of artists.
15. GritSeed - The Job Hiring Platform [ link | video ]
Bhupika Gautam [ linkedin | email ]
Deepak Goyal [ linkedin | email ]
Tanvi Tanwar [ linkedin | email ]
Vishal Gawade [ linkedin | email ]
GritSeed is an existing website that intends to decrease the gap between the recruiter and the candidate applying for the job. It helps in showcasing the talent of a candidate that might not have any degree in the field he might be interested in. So that such candidates get noticed and hired by the recruiters. This project involves the development of a feature that would show the list of candidates together with the snippet of their GritSeed profile in different categories(like Software, Sales, Accounts etc). This project aims to encourage user who views the candidates to contact GritSeed.
16. Rippled-Arbiter PUF: a secure signature for semiconductor devices [ video ]
Swati Sajee Kumar [ email ]
To design a secure silicon Physically Unclonable Function (PUF) that is lightweight and stable, and which is resistive towards the most effective Machine Learning Attack on PUFs, i.e. Logistic Regression Attacks. The design introduced is – Rippled Arbiter PUF (RA-PUF), with large number of Challenge-Response Pairs(CRPs) which could then be used as device identification, authentication and cryptographic key generation tool for resource constrained environments such as IoT systems. We provide simulation results for the experiments performed by implementing the design on Artix-7 FPGA. We also performed RA-PUF’s quality analysis by evaluating its CRPs with various PUF metrics such as uniqueness, uniformity, predictability and steadiness.
17. Digital Rewards Program [ video ]
Saurabh Jain [ github | linkedin | email ]
Likhith Reddy Doddi
Stephen James
Roopa Chandrashekhar
The project is a digital rewards platform targeted at small businesses who are looking to move away from a punch card based system. The platform consists of 3 components: a business user website, a business employee app for use at the PoS and a customer app that lets them sign up for rewards programs being run by businesses in their areaThe business user website lets business owners register with their business, add their catalog and menu items and define rewards campaigns that they can run, both long term and short term for special events and holidays. They also get access to customer analytics that gives them an idea of customer's spending and purchase patternsThe employee app is for use at the PoS, letting the business employee look up a customer's available redemptions and process if any, and also assign any points for their subsequent purchase, automatically.The customer app lets a customer sign up for and use local businesses' rewards program, track their purchase history and rewards progress
18. Essential [ video ]
Soumitra Alate
Sagar Pokale
Saurabh Pansare
Anupriya Goyal
Current highschool systems in the US, do not provide enough financial education to today’s students. They focus mainly on Science, Math, English, History and Art, with very little emphasis on Economics and Finance. Essential is a dynamic information platform that provides a high magnitude of data both at the user’s fingertips and conveniences in the form of a freemium application. Free to download, but after a certain amount of time spent on the platform, will require the users to pay. The animated videos and interactive software will allow users to stay involved and attentive.
19. CSE 199 [ link ]
Anusha Bandaru [ github | linkedin | email ]
Srujan Kothapally [ github | email ]
We have 2 different websites, i.e.. Student website and Faculty website for CSE199 course. Faculty website helps faculty to set their course details in an easy way by switching between semesters. They can communicate with the students by sending out announcements. A new semester can be created by copying all the details of the current semester with just one click. On the other hand, Students can check the schedules of their instructors, announcements and any other resources related to the course.
20. FleetDB Modeling
Darshan Nevgi
Modeling FleetDB to support Cassandra Query Language (CQL) table Queries for KV distributed database
21. Willo [ video ]
Neeraj Abhyankar
Anudeep Gowda
Will making Android Application
22. Social Work Virtual Pal Finder
Sneha Muppala [ github | linkedin | email ]
Meghana Vasudeva [ github | linkedin | email ]
Yash Chandra [ github | linkedin | email ]
Shreya Chatterjee [ github | linkedin | email ]
The Social Work Virtual Pal Finder is a mobile application which provides social workers across the globe with a platform to showcase their work, interests, accomplishments and likes. The app primarily intends to allow social workers to search for and connect to fellow social workers with similar interests and from various locations. This app allows people working for any kind of social cause to expand their network to interact and collaborate with other people in similar fields.
23. QA Compliance Reporting System
Mihir Ranade [ github | linkedin | email ]
Jatin Chanana [ email ]
QA Compliance Reporting System is an automation system designed to regulate quality assurance compliance by automating mundane and routine tasks.
24. Stereo Depth Perception and Object Detection
Shreyas Narasimha [ github | linkedin | email ]
Aniruddha Sinha [ linkedin | email ]
Shashank Dhar [ email ]
Himanshu Garg [ email ]
Currently, in maritime industry the vessels need manual intervention using communication devices for docking at a port. LIDARs are used in this process to help with the docking but the cost of LIDARs are driving companies to explore cost-effective options which are at par with the performance of LIDAR.This project aims towards the design and development of a mechanism for depth perception using stereoscopic cameras as an alternative to LIDARs, for automated navigation of maritime vessels. The project will be delivered to the company, Buffalo Automation who will integrate it with their existing semi-automated methods to achieve a higher degree of automation.
25. Mark my attendance
Pallavi Srikhakollu [ linkedin | email ]
A custom Alexa skill to allow user to mark their presence for the event using voice based commands.
26. Computer Architecture of Autonomous Driving
Chris Golinski
An early look at the requirements for the hardware level of autonomous driving
27. Bag-path prediction
Abhishek Muni [ email ]
Ashwin v [ email ]
Path prediction of marine vechiles
28. Alexa Skills Project
Pallavi Srikhakhollu [ email ]
Swarit Shah [ email ]
The project lead to the development of two separate skills on Alexa, one for attendance, and the other for querying stock data.

Advanced Computer Systems (CSE 622)

29. Secure mobile learning using Trusted Execution Environment
Viral Sinha [ github | linkedin | email ]
Ekta Katiyar [ email ]
Securing essential object detection entities by moving certain operation in secure world using OPTEE OS
30. Dynamic Gesture Recognition
Urjit Sardesai [ email ]
Aman Garg [ email ]
Bowen Sui [ email ]
We use MediaPipe framework to build a pipeline that will predict dynamic gestures. We intend to use hand-tracking application recently released by Google in CVPR ‘19 and extend it to predict dynamic gestures. This is primarily intended to be used in AR applications to control the overlay using gestures.
31. CoMARs: Concurrent Multiple AR Applications
Madhusudan Saha [ github | linkedin | email ]
Parth Patel [ github | linkedin | email ]
Jaeheun Jason Kim [ github | email ]
We have developed a platform that can run several AR applications concurrently
32. DRONES Lab - UB ANC Scalability
Nick Alterio [ github | linkedin | email ]
Hariprasath Parthasarathy
Arun Suresh
UB-ANC is an open software/hardware platform that aims to facilitaterapid testing and repeatable comparative evaluation of airborne networking and communications protocols at different layers of the protocol stack. Our project is to make UB-ANC software scalable by redesigning it to run on an arbitrary number of systems to eliminate resource constraints.
33. AR Offloading
Utkarsh [ linkedin | email ]
Vaibhav N Chincholkar [ github | linkedin | email ]
Sofiya Semenova [ github | linkedin | email ]
To render objects on a surface, we offload the detection of surface as well as detection of rotation and translation to the server and use the result back to render a 3D cube on a android client using OpenGL
34. Indoor Localization
Anand Shankar Suresh [ linkedin | email ]
Abhijit Joshi [ email ]
Calibrate device and use various available sensors from IMU to perform enhanced indoor localization.
35. MP-TCP
Asmita Gautam [ email ]
Naveed Ahmad [ email ]
We've implemented MP-TCP on Raspberry Pi

Languages and Runtimes for Big Data (CSE 662)

36. Learned Index Structures [ link ]
Yash Narendra Saraf [ github | linkedin | email ]
Deepak Ranjan [ github | linkedin | email ]
Mohammad Umair [ github | linkedin | email ]
Designing neural network based index structures and comparing them against traditional data structures like b-tree in terms of lookup times and memory required.
37. Lannisters
Vemuri Vihari [ email ]
Srinivas [ email ]
Sri Harsha Kesapragada [ email ]
Varsha Ganesh [ email ]
All Pairs Shortest Path Solver on Spark

Transportation Seminar (CSE 740)

38. Radar and Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Vehicle
Yi Zhu [ email ]
A survey of existing radar sensing techniques and sensor fusion techniques for autonomous vehicles
39. Vector Map for Autonomous Vehicles
Atrayee Nag [ email ]
Ruturaj Molawade [ email ]
HD Maps represent a set of features inherent to the road, such as lanes, stop lines, traffic lights, and intersections. We have created a vector map using Autoware Maptools plugin on the Unity Platform for a particular region of UB north campus. We have analysed the different ways/tools and open source formats available to create vector maps for localization.
40. Day/night simulation
Wenfeng Pan [ email ]
Ryan Xu [ email ]
Wenqi Li [ email ]
to create a C# script to change sun position, intensity and the time of the day

Independent Study (CSE 700TUT)

41. Research on mm-wave communication
Viral Sinha [ github | linkedin | email ]
Urjit Sardesai [ email ]
Finding out optimum threshold which is used to switch between beam alignment and rate adaptation according to various factors like environments, blockages and interference

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