CSE 2020 Fall Departmental Demo Day

Friday December 11, 2020

We're thrilled to invite you to the sixth bi-annual Comp. Sci. & Eng. Fall Demo Day.  Student groups from several CSE capstone classes will be presenting the culmination of 3-months of effort, hard work, (metaphorical) blood, sweat (well... caffeine really), and tears (see above). 


M&T Bank



Friday December 11, 2020 → Gather.town

2:00 PM Event opens, people can circulate around the virtual space and check it out
2:15 PM Opening remarks
2:20 PM Judging starts
4:00 PM Judges will get together to review results and pick winners
4:30 PM Winners announced and videos played for the winning teams
5:00 PM Event closes


Each participant and sponsor has been assigned to a "booth" in Gather. Posters provided by teams will be already displayed next to the session


During the demo, judges will circulate to the participants demo stations, and they will be rating each project on a specific set of criteria. Judges, expect to spend approximately five minutes with each team, in order to give you time to see them all. You will be assigned a set of projects to view specifically, but you can feel free to talk to more teams as time permits! Teams, keep this in mind and keep your presentations crisp and to the point!


At 4:00, judges will gather together in the designated Judges room to the west (screen left) to determine winners. Winners will be announced at the podium to the east (screen right) at around 4:30, and we will play videos for the winning teams.


CSE 611: Masters Capstone Project

1. ACVMeasure [ video ]
Trijala Reddy Gangasani [ github | linkedin | twitter | email ]
Manasa Susirla [ github | linkedin | email ]
Vaibhav Chhajed [ linkedin | email ]
Sanjay Lnu [ github | linkedin | other | email ]
ACVMeasure - Specialized augmented reality based damage quantification on vehicles.
2. CAMO - Digitize and Summarize [ link ]
Baoqian Zhang [ email ]
Aditi Ghatge [ linkedin | email ]
Shreya Pampattiwar [ linkedin | email ]
Harsh Shah [ linkedin | email ]
Daily operations in large businesses involves processing of legal and financial documents. One convenient way to tackle the problem of reading through these tens to hundreds of pages is to get an effective summary of the document using our app - Digitize and Summarize! Save billions of dollars of errors happening due to financial and legal mishaps and understand the important details of your document without the need to go through the entire document at question.
3. Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens Tributes Website [ link ]
Anand Jhamnani [ linkedin | email ]
Naturepreet [ linkedin | email ]
Thushara Tirupathi [ linkedin | email ]
Utkarsh Behre [ github | linkedin | other | email ]
Buffalo Botanical Gardens Tributes website is built for the staff at Botanical Gardens as well as the public to access the tribute collection present in the garden. The staff members can update and maintain the data in the tribute collection as and when needed. The website can allow viewers to intuitively browse the complete selection of tributes or to search for specific tributes of interest. This website acts like a virtual information desk to potential visitors and the public. The user interface is easy to use but at the same time is artistic and peaceful akin to the spirit of reminiscence.
4. Classroom Scanner [ link ]
Hari Guhan Thillairajan [ linkedin | email ]
Venugopal [ linkedin | email ]
Shathesh [ linkedin | email ]
Kavitha C [ email ]
The Classroom Scanner makes it easy for elementary students to scan and store digital copies of the work they complete on paper. It bridges the gap between the use of digital technology and paper in the classroom.
5. Truee Recycle [ link ]
Anjana Tejaswini Kalava [ email ]
Sindhuja Parnam [ email ]
Sindhu Sola [ email ]
Shravya Pentaparthi [ email ]
Search the product you are trying to recycle and the Truee Recycle app tells you how to recycle it correctly, based on the city you live in. It also reminds you take recycling out.
6. Independence skills assessment App [ link ]
Siddarth Gaikwad [ github | linkedin | email ]
Akash Malla [ github | linkedin | email ]
Manasa Rao Chakunta [ github | linkedin | email ]
Pranali Maroti Deogade [ github | linkedin | email ]
Sumit Kumar [ github | linkedin | email ]
The Independence skills assessment web application helps to evaluate a student based on their skills. The app provides a set of questions for the provided goal and evaluates the independent skills of the student.
7. Insta-Auction [ link ]
Krishna Teja Mellacheruvu [ github | linkedin | email ]
Avinash Parasurampuram [ github | linkedin | email ]
Bharat Sesham [ github | linkedin | email ]
Upmanyu Tyagi [ linkedin | email ]
Sandesh Kumar Srivastava [ github | linkedin | email ]
InstaAuction, an application developed in iOS is essentially a guide to the ACV inspector helping him/her to get a gist of the 360 imagery of the car. The application uses latest technologies like Depth Sensing, Machine Learning, Image Detection, Stabilization to achieve what it promises. It involves the inspector moving around the car capturing the best possible frames by following the instructions provided by the application. The application is smart enough to sense the car, detect the side of the car, how far the user is moving around the car and how far is he/she away from the car. It combines all the technologies and generates a 360 imagery low frame rate video.
8. Client Quality Systems
Mrunal Narendra Inge [ linkedin ]
Meghana Narvangla Prasanna [ linkedin ]
Mridula Rao
Andrew Woloszyn
A sleek and intuitive web app designed to digitize and unify a quality assurance process
9. Step Challenge
Maruthi Reddy Alamuri [ linkedin | email ]
Sai Kumar Vemula [ linkedin | email ]
Hima Bindu Pamukuntla [ linkedin | email ]
Preethi Thota [ linkedin | email ]
Step Challenge is a web Application for users to track steps and compete for the prizes both individually and as a team. This application offers users an intuitive interface for daily progress and leader board positions.
10. Look the part [ link ]
Charan [ email ]
Piyali Banerjee [ email ]
Ajit Bhat [ email ]
Anuj Narayanaswamy [ email ]

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+ Shop by Character, TV Show, or Recent Trends
+ Save Items
+ Curate Collections
+ Similar Product Suggestions
+ Enhanced Search Engine

While we try to find exact matches wherever possible, we are equally focused on finding products that are both in-stock AND cost-effective alternatives. Any products that are identical to the photos will have an “Exact Match” icon; so you can easily delineate actual vs. inspired styles.

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Create style boards where you can customize selections of your favorite items!
11. Essential Machine
Bhoomi Manish Gandhi
Ashik Poovanna
Manjunath Ramachandra Bhat
Sandeep Kumar Yadlapalli
Essential Machine is an attempt at solving the problem of reducing contact in School places by manufacturing vending machines (referred to as Essential Machine) that dispense masks, gloves, sanitizers in a safer, more convenient manner compared to physical stores. The Essential Machine is more advanced & safer than the typical vending machine allowing mobile payments.
12. Don't Buy Me
Songtao Wei [ github | linkedin | email ]
Xingtong Li [ github | linkedin | email ]
Xiaoxiao Lei [ github | linkedin | email ]
“Don’t Buy Me!” is a Chrome extension. It notifies collectors of CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Vinyl, and books from buying duplicates when shopping on Amazon. It allows users to login with their Google accounts, add and manage the information of items in their accounts. If the user is viewing a product on Amazon, the application will show a notification about its owning status.
13. Medical Sample Database [ link ]
Venkata Narayana Rohit Kintali [ github | email ]
Prabhakar Reddy Gaddam [ github | email ]
Charan Reddy [ github | email ]
Anjali Bachani [ github | email ]
The SAM research Database is a web application which helps to minimize the task of maintaining the record of the results obtained after conducting tests on medical samples of children.
14. Dinotech [ link ]
Bharathi Kothandan [ github | linkedin | email ]
Maheshwar Reddy Baddam
Sruthi Sri Pochiraju
Vamshi Gujjari
Dinotech is a web application that offers its users an interactive interface to build a taxonomy for their data. It helps the user organize their data into categories and fetch them when needed. The application also lets the user record memories about an item. These memories can be viewed all at once or in an item specific manner.

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