Papers at DBPL, SIGMOD, and VLDB

An active summer conference season for the ODIn Lab this year.

At SIGMOD next week, come to Su Feng's talk on making Probabilistic/Incomplete Databases practical. UADBs glue together the (principled but slow) idea of certain answers and the (unprincipled, but easy) standard practice of throwing away uncertainty. The result is a system that tracks data quality, but without sacrificing performance.

You should also check out our demo of Vizier, a next generation notebook that is data-centric. By passing information through spark data frames, Vizier lets you combine multiple languages (Python, Scala, SQL), multiple modalities (scripting, spreadsheets, data widgets), and lets you do some cool things with provenance. Check it out, and also check out our video demo, or get your own server

Coming up at VLDB, check out Ting Xie's talk on compressing SQL query logs. We reduce the size of a query log drastically, while preserving an optimizer's ability to analyze it for correlated features. You can also read Ting's summary.

Also at VLDB, check out our demo of "CAPE". The system explains outliers in aggregate query results by identifying portions of the input space that would "counterbalance" the outlier. In other words, the system finds which input data records are enough of an outlier to shift the aggregate result one way or another.

Also in recent conference news, Darshana gave a great talk at DBPL on using handles to create a data structure that has nearly all of the benefits of immutable data structures, while being much more amenable to adaptive on-line optimization.

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